Friday, December 19, 2008


Yesterday, Anna and I went to Yesterday’s to celebrate Anna’s (21-forever-and-always-amen-or-was-it-18?) birthday!

They served our drinks in cute jars. I love how the diet Coke looks against the glass and ice along with the lemon wedge (for taste and, yes, visual accent). I used to wash my paintbrushes in similar jars at the Art & Design Center! Awesome.

Anna ordered a custom salad with chicken and raspberry vinaigrette.

I ordered fish tacos with their homemade Ranch dressing.

After our food, our waitress and her accomplice brought out our desserts and put this orange party hat on Anna and had the entire section of our eating area sing for Anna. That lady in red looks jealous.

Strawberry cheesecake, yum-o.

I ordered their banana cream pie. It was delicious.

Happy birthday, Anna!

I love you. ♥

Saturday, December 13, 2008


Last week, the first week of December, my workplace had our newly formed integrated office open house. In order to better utilize space, my boss and I moved to the attic to create a print design studio. I like my workspace, hidden filing system beneath my desk and pole:

During a typical work day, Ammiel shows Jesse and me during an afternoon break how gravity works by pulling objects towards the center. I guess that astronomy class she takes (‘took’ since finals are over now) helps her learn practical things she is able to implement in real life (that is, spiraling around a chair using only your arms, etc.). Jesse likens it to an ice skater, think triple axels. Design kids are so genius. Marsupials, really? Brilliant.

Speaking of Ammiel/Jesse, they both got matching iMacs for work! No longer will you have to lug your laptops everywhere (or at least to work, yeah?)...

I love their keyboards.

I tried to get a video conference going via iChat/AIM/Skype with Tawny and Irv (post-five, Nades-Justin-Keri, etc.) using the Jesse-Jesse monster, aka Studio Five, but to no avail.

Why are you hiding, Tawnya Lipoon? Boo...

So the real reason why I am blogging is to share the happenings of Fridays, both the fifth and yesterday, hence the title of this entry. A week from yesterday (the last day of our open house which was also Dead Friday for the University), we all load up in the afternoon with student workers galore and head to South Bend, Ind., for bowling and (macaroni, etc.) pizza.

Ammiel bowls with style, observe:

I think Jesse had three strikes in a row bowling from way behind the wooden floor.

Boss Justin had the highest score at the end of the event.

Beware of the pink bowling ball...

Thursday night, Josh comes to visit and brings Jully with him. This did not happen on a Friday, but I just wanted to get a picture of her in here somewhere...

...and back to yesterday (a Friday), Ammiel calls with a hankering for Japanese food. We end up at Mikado Japanese nearby Notre Dame on Dixie Way.

Ammiel adds ‘in bed’ after our fortunes.

Afterwards, Ammiel wants to shop for Christmas cards. We contemplate Borders and Target and decide on Target. I saw this black swimsuit, thought of Beyoncé-Jael-Ellen-Nades and had Ammiel pose with the piece. Jump on it, ladies! Put your hands up! I need me a black robo-glove, stat.

Alright, obligatory random art-fart shots.

My Bat-Signal to summon my...un-LVoe via sign language...

Can you guess what this is?

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Always during Thanksgiving, it seems appropriate to consider what you are thankful for.

This year, I am thankful for: (a) age—both my boss and Ammiel once simultaneously told me (to my face) I was old but more so because with age seems to come, well, wisdom; (b) persons—specifically a special desert (or is it dessert?) person, close friends, virtual ones (even pseudo-virtual, ahem, Tiffany), coworkers (Nades, you belong in the close friends category;
check), family; and (c) my mother whom already belongs in the last category so must-go-without-saying but deserves a mention all to her own.

These last few days (or weeks, really), I have been pondering ideas of hope, desire, fulfillment, love, purpose and the likes. After some good home cooked grub (courtesy of chef Anna) and Kung Fu Panda (courtesy of entertainer Anna), my mother offers advice to a question I posed after my drive to their home on Wednesday. I did find it odd she did not offer any immediate thoughts to my mulls. But I am glad she held off until the physical and mental fills of today.

Mother reasons with me that life is, at best, limited to about eighty or so years. She empowers me to go after dreams with responsibility—to self—and faithfulness—to God. Because a life of I-tried is better than a life of what-ifs. And putting yourself out there builds self and faith. And failure is not a done deal. You can always fail again.

That last sentence was meant to be funny.

Anyway, I like where I am right now. In therapy sessions, this would be called a break.

I needed a break.

In both a therapeutic and absence-of-work sense.

Thank goodness...

Friday, November 21, 2008


Before Ellen went across the giant pond (for hitch purposes), we had a chance to play in the city. I meant to blog about this experience a while back, but perhaps now is better than never...

Nunz won tickets to a Christian Finnegan show; it was genius times, for sure. He spoke well aware of his audience, grand. But beforehand, we went to a Mediterranean eatery called Cousin’s on Broadway:

Please excuse the shoddy stitch job. You get the idea.

Hurrah to meeting
Jae for the first time.

I thought the hanging tapestries were, well (to use an Ellen word), bangin’ as was the seamless pattern on the tables you eat on (and sit around, this is key).

The winner and the mooch. To more fun times, I salute.

I want to try Etheopian food, yes.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Everything sounds better in...

I haven’t blogged in ages, I know.

I need more than encouragement or incentive. Purpose perhaps and more.

This reminded me of Tommy.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Upgrade update...


There once was a boy who was abandoned.
There once was a boy who was abandoned by she-who-must-not-be-named.

However, this mysterious she left behind a mysterious box.
And within said mysterious box were gifts abound.

And his pain was eased.
And his heart was ceased.


Clockwise from bottom left: candied/dried cantaloupe, thank you card, box, spaghetti cooker thinger/strainer thinger/kitchen utensil holder thinger, can opener, pot, chocolate covered sunflower seeds, massive big o’ thing of olive oil

But his heart still ached often so...

However, all was not lost for this mysterious she taught him how to make spa-ghet-ti (that rhymed!).

But he got creative. Observe:

Ingredients: Piccolini mini farfalle, garlic salt, pepper, dried basil, basil-basil (aka, Martha) olive oil, grape tomatoes, feta cheese

In order to squelch pain forevermore, he replaced her with another he:

A boy that knew how to feed, for eating was his destiny.

And so concludes the saga of the TAWN-TAWN-Y-Y-Y upgrade!



In other news, Nunz was here this weekend. I think I got whatever Ammiel has/had, because my throat hurts.

Push Pops are genius. Dirty.

I should have bought that hat from New York on our road trip! The way her dreads meld together reminds me of Diane Pernet.

Nunz at Caffe Tosi

I scream for ice cream.

I probably got AmmiLOVE-cooties from this pumpkin deliciousness.

It hailed today.
It snowed today.
What will tomorrow bring?

I need me some gloves.


Sunday, October 26, 2008

Really? Eat you up?

For some reason, I am reminded of Jae when BoA sings: so yum, yum. That girl can put down some Mediterranean food...

And, of course, Daul with her craze forkin’ ways.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Death by laughter

I almost died at work today.

Tawny triple whams me with a blog comment sandwiched in between two email messages.

The latter email message had to do with a certain, shall we say, proclivity I have in my choice of words, especially in front of certain persons. I do not tell people what they want to hear. I just sensor myself and let them think what they want without correcting them, well, sometimes—or ever.

You know you miss your PC. I understand.

In other news, I downloaded CameraBag for my 3G. I should stop calling it that. 3G is a network/portal/service/whatever. It means nothing to me here in southwest Michigan. I reasoned it would make-me-take-more-pictures which would translate into more visuals which would encourage me to blog more. And it was temporarily on sale for $2.99 USD! I love me some sales.

I think I like it. I have yet to determine if it drains my battery. Anyway, that slight green thing is not a burn on your monitor nor is it mold. It is Martha, the basil plant (amidst mini farfalle) Tawny brought me from California! She purchased an extra coach seat beside her and brought me some true Californian basil/weed/magic. It makes everything taste better. Baking some brownies? Pluck in some Martha. Not a fan of Brussels? Toss in some Martha!

Yeah, I water her (almost) every day.
And then I pluck her.
And eat her.

At this rate, she just may expire all her leafy green-ness before the end of her official stint. You know, like another certain green, ahem, she.

But I digress. I mean, I support love.

And all that jazz.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Tawny says I have until midnight (EST) to blog a new entry.

Melanie, I dedicate this to you:

Monday, September 15, 2008

Reason Why BFFs Are Irreplaceable #586

The last time I had huevos rancheros was when Nadine made them for me as a farewell breakfast before I left for Greece, just last summer. I took this picture to show Tawny then promptly dropped my 3G in it.

Speaking of eats and Tawny (seriously, are they ever two distinct and separate entities?), I got back from Chicago with Karen a few hours ago and just now saw this brilliance posted on my bathroom mirror:


chew chew,

theres potato casserole in the fridge
and 2 slices of peach if ur hungry



This week is off to a good start. I can taste it.

Sunday, September 7, 2008


Good morning, Tawny!

Hello, readers/friends/stalkers, etc.

Friday, I turned the big two-four.

We ate at Clementine’s (literally, for a meal o
fun. It was a pleasant surprise since I was telling Tawny earlier that day (yes, Tawny, I did make some specifications even though I took a-day-plus-forever to make other, ahem, decisions) that I just wanted a simple, daresay distilled, grub session with her, Irvin and Anna. But no complaints on this end; I was/am-still a happy camper.

Even though I showed up slightly late to my own part-ay (had a prior Chase bank appointment to open up a new account), time waiting was time well spent since I was able to download the MySpace app and figure out how to send Nunz a reply comment via said medium right as Pat and company strolled in to the location.

Speaking of iPhone apps (and serendipitous symbiance), Mello dearest sends me a message in perfect sync with the complete consumption of my on-the-house birthday treat à la mode. Tawny is right. You were there in spirit. How did you know? But then again, I mean, how can anyone not know? For more pictures of said event, go here.

Also, I came back to my apartment where Anna left me a genius card (a staple I have now come to expect and truly anticipate), a gift (I went from zero iPods to three) and a custom baked birthday cake. Ace of Cake, my arse! I choose A-Anna over A-Ace any (birth)day, for sure.

In other news, Tawny, Irvin, Andrew and I went peach pickin
Saturday afternoon. I guess it was more like Tawny, Irvin and Andrew went to gather fruits while I popped them in my mouth. It was delicious, I assure you, but not the plums. Also, the clouds were pretty. Again, check the Tawn-tawn MySpace for a picture or few.

Alright, it is time to slumber. Being a working man has its downfalls; it has me retreat earl(y/ier).

Or maybe it is just the age.


The fruit pickin
photos are here (as per usual).


Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Viral marketing? Leave Britney alone, Mello!


Melanie, my love—

I am listening to Rob Dougan’s Clubbed to Death and reading Augusten Burroughs’ Magical Thinking.

It’s wonderful, the combination.

A bit intoxicating, yes. But wonderful, nonetheless. Sensory overload. Just wonderful.

How are you?

I write to you, because I am using your Polaroid as a bookmark.

I thought you should know.


Monday, August 11, 2008

LGC & me.

iPhone fun before heading to the dunes...

I am in the process of purging.

Friday, August 1, 2008


I lied.

I feel (a) intrigued and (d) excited. Awesome.

Yesterday, I had a chance to practice being happy for happiness sake.

Today I realize I am happy. People make me happy. But I am not happy because of people.

That is my difference from yesterday and today.

And it is (not was) good.


I theorize that we attend school for nine consecutive month (in America anyway) then go on vacation, because we were structured that way from the very beginning: nine months in the womb—then birth (a similar concept to that which Burroughs writes of in Dry).

Life is a party, no?

Except I was born in six.

So my cycle repeats more frequently.

Please don’t hold it against me.

In other news, I am:

(a) intrigued
(b) concerned
(d) excited
(e) none of the above all of the above

Waiting takes patience, a virtue I hear.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Roar—a four letter word.

I never considered how rich my life was—how blessed I truly am.

For the following incredible incredibly talented, powerful, creative, smart and beautiful women, I owe my forever gratitude:

My mother

Because I am never thankful enough.
And because I am who I am because of their all-knowing, patient, hilarious hand.

Grammar is a b*tch. Ain’t that right?

And God is a women?—at least genderful (not –less).


To this list of four, I now add Natalie.

Starbucks is love.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The pursuit of…

I thought life was a certain way.

You know: you wake up, you go to school, you eat, you play, you work, you study, you dream, you sleep, etc.

But it can be anything you want it to be—to a degree.

I am just now actualizing this in my mind.

Because my reality is that I have completed my undergraduate degree, and I have a job.

But that is not life.

Life is to be truly happy and to make someone else genuinely happy.

You know?

I just finished watching Little Miss Sunshine.

And for some strange reason, I crave sushi.

But I don’t like sushi all that much.

Perhaps there is some sort of visual tie with the yellow bus.

I use way too many ellipses.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Reason Why BFFs Are Irreplaceable #100

To: Tawny

This is a friendly reminder from your sponsor at Purseaholics Anonymous (PA) that you forgot to check in. If you are near any purses, put them down gently, count to ten slowly, then calmly exit the store. Do not take a second glance at the bags. Do not linger behind to smell the pleather. Just walk away. And remember, each day is a new opportunity to start afresh. Kudos

CB: 1-630-776-XXXX
Fri, Jan 4, 5:41 pm


To: Tawny

Dear Tactful-Tawn, this morning after my breakfast, I ate a spoonful of Dolce de Leche ice cream. Then just now, I had a spoonful of Vanilla Swiss Almond! Fine two spoons. I fear I may be what is known in certain circles a foodaholic. Tell me, is there hope for me? Signed, forever-hungry-in-Chicago…

CB: 1-630-776-XXXX
Wed, Jan 2, 10:40 pm

From: Tawny

chicago, there is hope for you. seeing as i have to eat an entire cup full of ice cream not just a spoonful. signed your fattie friend in california.

CB: 909-856-XXXX
Wed, Jan 2, 10:53 pm

Monday, May 12, 2008


Dear readers,

WE ARE currently looking to fill the position of Best Friend Forever (BFF) as the former BFF turned out to be a Best Friend not-Forever (henceforth not-BFF) deciding upon graduating college to move back home to sunny CaliFORNICATION.

You must be Photoshop literate and have excellent photography/marketing skills. This position also requires that you have genius cooking abilities (a chef par excellence) and enjoy watching HEROES on Mondays.

Please fax your curriculum vitae, references and any other relevant documents to: 269-471-XXXX or mail:

Matthew Park
XXXX Rose Hill Rd.
Apt. PXX
Berrien Springs, MI 49103-1292

ATTN: BFF for Matthew.

Serious inquiries only. Skinnies need not apply.
Shawnimals lover a must.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Life objective

I tend to appeal more from passion than principle.

This can be problematic.

I do not want to be a decorator.

I want to be a thinker
—a designer.
  • To be creative—but not an artist.
  • To make a difference.
  • To facilitate change.
  • To help define the aesthetic of a moment (values included).
  • To be intentional.
  • To be my own worst critic.
  • To be meaningful.
  • To be responsible.
  • To like something.
  • To be courageous.
  • To be clever. be continued.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My kind of GREEN/That’s not ‘write’

In reference to design, well, references:

Tawny (7:40:37 PM): i met with ullery today
Me(7:40:43 PM): cool
TA(7:40:47 PM): was it simple?
MP(7:40:52 PM): i still have to right my paper
TA(7:40:55 PM): piece of cake
MP(7:40:55 PM): this friday
MP(7:40:57 PM): as in tomorrow
TA(7:41:04 PM): tomorrow is thursday
MP(7:41:10 PM): the day after
MP(7:41:12 PM): tawny
MP(7:41:16 PM): don't make me feel dumb
MP(7:41:21 PM): i already know
MP(7:41:24 PM): i know i'm not smart as you
TA(7:41:27 PM): haha
MP(7:41:28 PM): or as creative
TA(7:41:34 PM): thats not true
MP(7:41:33 PM): but i've dwelt with it
MP(7:41:34 PM): made peace
TA(7:41:43 PM): i jus steal all my ideas
MP(7:41:51 PM): that's what i do!
MP(7:41:52 PM): with you!
TA(7:41:56 PM): haha
TA(7:42:00 PM): its called recycling
MP(7:42:04 PM): ah
MP(7:42:07 PM): that's why you're so green
TA(7:42:09 PM): before it gets cycled the first time
MP(7:42:13 PM): i'm a cyclist

Sunday, April 13, 2008

An Ellen-filled Sabbath

With the opportunity to visit a historical site and turn in a signed brochure instead of writing a paper, I drove up to Battle Creek, Michigan to visit the Historical Adventist Village.

Did you know Dr. Kellogg (yes, readers, the cereal-maven) wore primarily white colors after discovering through research that plants covered in white cloths grew faster and healthier than those with others colors (and even compared to those without)?

And did you know Ellen G. White was 5
2” and under 100 lbs.?

Let me tell you: b*tch needed meat in her diet.


I arrived at the location a little late but joined up with Jason and Mateja—which was a relief since the abbreviated tour on my end (the last stretch of theirs) seemed to last a really long time.

Afterwards, the senior-class-trip crew (plus Beatrice) came over to eat potato casserole and Andes mint chocolate muffins à la mode and watch a slideshow from the road trip.

I think I might cry in the summer when all my friends are far away.

But an unexpected text message from Nadine helps me realize that the future is not so grim with a sapphire engagement ring-clad Ellen in the (not-so-distant, much-much closer) horizon.


s a better version of my PUNKD convo with Andrew: HERE.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Non sequitur

I like to drive fast.

But sometimes I like to drive real slow and stare off slightly to the right in a sleep-deprived stupor.

In both cases loud music is a must.

+ + + + +

A random international student with a heavy South African accent greets me today on campus. He proceeds to ask:

Are you a guy or a girl?

I laugh in response: a guy.

As if that gives him permission to clarify, he states:

You dress like a girl.

+ + + + +

I told myself not to eat if not hungry.

Weird (or not so much) that I am scarfing down:

cassava cake
cassava cake
cassava cake
more leftover cassava cake

garlic bread

Monday, April 7, 2008

The L Word(s): Light, Life and Love

He accidentally called me by the name of his ex-boyfriend—which made me realize that despite his rap as a playboy he might still very much be a lover.

In other news, Tawny’s photography gallery exhibition is over.

Andrew instant messages me something about the show afterwards, and I realize I never made my rounds to appreciate and mull over her work last night. I was too busy watching other people enjoy it; incidentally, I was taking pictures of them.

It might be somewhat unethical of me to divulge further, but I am a grader for a class called Religion & Ethics in Modern Society. Reading through the papers allows me to observe how poorly we respond to questions of debate. In specific, the students were to consider various issues and respective response with regards to homosexuality and homosexual members within the Adventist church.

A paper stood out (in a positive light)—in part because the word ‘rainbow’ was incorporated in the title—and because it concluded with the reality of love.

If anything, I think Christians are far too apt in removing the human element in discourse and, daresay, life itself.

Perhaps the author was a photography major? If nothing else, an interesting tie…

I want to teach someday.

Because, really, I just want to learn forever.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Me likey...

My current pleasantries (in response to Tommy’s tag):

  • Meeting new creative people through non-traditional means (loafer-envy over birthday cake à la mode, for starters…)
  • Video conferencing with my Canadian boss on iChat (sir Justin is not a cheap-o!)
  • Critiquing everything with Tawny (my eyes are becoming more and more like hers…)
  • SENCHA Green Tea Mints
  • Ammiel and her stylin’ ways (who else would walk around LOWES in heels?)
  • How Ammiel calls her sandwich a ‘sammy’
  • Diluting my juice with water (baby Ella style!)
  • Mixing my ketchup with Sriracha (that is, rooster) sauce for dipping purposes
  • Chocolate Silk Soymilk
  • Guilt pleasures: the most current being Lipstick Jungle. I love forbidden love
  • which brings me to my next pleasantry: Melanie Calla Lohan! (I kid, I kid!)
  • Fat versions of hot beverages with whipped cream
  • Grenadine
  • Late night Imaging Services parties with the one and only not-MANipulator, aka Tawny!
  • Traveling gnomes and not-Polaroid instamatics
  • Saturated images
  • Hard line and figure drawings
  • Sleep

Ennui is a funny word.

&tc. (and not etc.)

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

...robots defEAT me.

I need to discipline my body.

Tawny's gallery opens today. You had better be there this Sunday, April 6 (cf. Ammiel's poster), for her closing ceremony or else...

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Wild Card

Mi madre dearest teaches me the darndest life lessons in a grand way.

For instance, she reminds me today (after an intense prior conversation) not to live through the manipulation of emotions or by dependency on sympathy from others. She is so on point. I do not struggle more than others. We all struggle. I have so much to be thankful for. It seems weird now how I was willing to love a stranger but not my own mother. I was too afraid she might hate who I was inside. I thought I had to be who she wanted me to be in order for her to accept me. But I just had to be me.

I am blessed.

Also, Tawny says she loves Jesus. So does Ammiel. I think I should as well. Because I trust them. And also because I should take a gamble on those who do any and everything for me to be happy.

I mean love is a gamble.

But one that requires me to go all in.

Friday, March 7, 2008

LetTUCE eat?

I have funny friends. They think I put any and everything into my mouth for comer-purposes.

Let me introduce you to my eating buddy Tawny. She eats while at Dustin's gallery opening (for starters)...

MeLOWES isn't eating is she? But not my favorite Tawn-tawn...

Tawny takes a bite out of CantaLUPE-Fiasco. Juicy.

Is that Tawny-I-have-no-pores-Alipoon eating pineapples?


I'm off to get a snack...