Thursday, May 15, 2008

Reason Why BFFs Are Irreplaceable #100

To: Tawny

This is a friendly reminder from your sponsor at Purseaholics Anonymous (PA) that you forgot to check in. If you are near any purses, put them down gently, count to ten slowly, then calmly exit the store. Do not take a second glance at the bags. Do not linger behind to smell the pleather. Just walk away. And remember, each day is a new opportunity to start afresh. Kudos

CB: 1-630-776-XXXX
Fri, Jan 4, 5:41 pm


To: Tawny

Dear Tactful-Tawn, this morning after my breakfast, I ate a spoonful of Dolce de Leche ice cream. Then just now, I had a spoonful of Vanilla Swiss Almond! Fine two spoons. I fear I may be what is known in certain circles a foodaholic. Tell me, is there hope for me? Signed, forever-hungry-in-Chicago…

CB: 1-630-776-XXXX
Wed, Jan 2, 10:40 pm

From: Tawny

chicago, there is hope for you. seeing as i have to eat an entire cup full of ice cream not just a spoonful. signed your fattie friend in california.

CB: 909-856-XXXX
Wed, Jan 2, 10:53 pm


tawny. said...

sweet. two of my favorite texts ever.

tawny. said...

oh and shawnimals now has plushform. lets get some. they look amazing. i want one.

wen r u and irv gonna buy your tickets out here?

tawny. said...

so i finished the curious incident of the dog in the night-time. it wasn't horrible. different than what i was expecting. but overall i think i enjoyed it.

i'm working on putting all the roadtrip photos into iMovie so i can burn it to dvds and send them to everyone. but i think its gonna take me my whole life to finish it. i wanna put text, but i need help. i want commentary. but i think you would be the best person for that.

ill think about moving to chicago. but only after you look for a job out west. if you can't find a satisfactory one, then maybe i'll give the midwest another go.

but if irv moves out here then i can't move there. that would just be dumb. dumb. dumb.