Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My kind of GREEN/That’s not ‘write’

In reference to design, well, references:

Tawny (7:40:37 PM): i met with ullery today
Me(7:40:43 PM): cool
TA(7:40:47 PM): was it simple?
MP(7:40:52 PM): i still have to right my paper
TA(7:40:55 PM): piece of cake
MP(7:40:55 PM): this friday
MP(7:40:57 PM): as in tomorrow
TA(7:41:04 PM): tomorrow is thursday
MP(7:41:10 PM): the day after
MP(7:41:12 PM): tawny
MP(7:41:16 PM): don't make me feel dumb
MP(7:41:21 PM): i already know
MP(7:41:24 PM): i know i'm not smart as you
TA(7:41:27 PM): haha
MP(7:41:28 PM): or as creative
TA(7:41:34 PM): thats not true
MP(7:41:33 PM): but i've dwelt with it
MP(7:41:34 PM): made peace
TA(7:41:43 PM): i jus steal all my ideas
MP(7:41:51 PM): that's what i do!
MP(7:41:52 PM): with you!
TA(7:41:56 PM): haha
TA(7:42:00 PM): its called recycling
MP(7:42:04 PM): ah
MP(7:42:07 PM): that's why you're so green
TA(7:42:09 PM): before it gets cycled the first time
MP(7:42:13 PM): i'm a cyclist


tawny. said...

this barely makes sense. and i was on the other end of the original conversation. haha.

NegraFlaca said...

I would always imagine that ullery's classes prepared me for if i'd ever be tortured. does he read this?