Monday, April 7, 2008

The L Word(s): Light, Life and Love

He accidentally called me by the name of his ex-boyfriend—which made me realize that despite his rap as a playboy he might still very much be a lover.

In other news, Tawny’s photography gallery exhibition is over.

Andrew instant messages me something about the show afterwards, and I realize I never made my rounds to appreciate and mull over her work last night. I was too busy watching other people enjoy it; incidentally, I was taking pictures of them.

It might be somewhat unethical of me to divulge further, but I am a grader for a class called Religion & Ethics in Modern Society. Reading through the papers allows me to observe how poorly we respond to questions of debate. In specific, the students were to consider various issues and respective response with regards to homosexuality and homosexual members within the Adventist church.

A paper stood out (in a positive light)—in part because the word ‘rainbow’ was incorporated in the title—and because it concluded with the reality of love.

If anything, I think Christians are far too apt in removing the human element in discourse and, daresay, life itself.

Perhaps the author was a photography major? If nothing else, an interesting tie…

I want to teach someday.

Because, really, I just want to learn forever.

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karen said...

as you see i'm just catching up on your posts (working backwards). interesting you mention papers on the issue of homosexuality and the church. i myself wrote 2 separate papers on homosexuality that very week. one for Doctrines and another for Human Rights with the overall umbrella theme that how we treat others should always be founded in LOVE. WWJD?

don't worry matthew, learning does not end until the day you die.