Friday, December 19, 2008


Yesterday, Anna and I went to Yesterday’s to celebrate Anna’s (21-forever-and-always-amen-or-was-it-18?) birthday!

They served our drinks in cute jars. I love how the diet Coke looks against the glass and ice along with the lemon wedge (for taste and, yes, visual accent). I used to wash my paintbrushes in similar jars at the Art & Design Center! Awesome.

Anna ordered a custom salad with chicken and raspberry vinaigrette.

I ordered fish tacos with their homemade Ranch dressing.

After our food, our waitress and her accomplice brought out our desserts and put this orange party hat on Anna and had the entire section of our eating area sing for Anna. That lady in red looks jealous.

Strawberry cheesecake, yum-o.

I ordered their banana cream pie. It was delicious.

Happy birthday, Anna!

I love you. ♥


lacgoo said...

thanks oppa! hope you enjoyed the leftovers and didnt get a heart-attack from all that sugar! =D

ERItheMERMAID said...

i feel like i need to draw you a new picture soon. i hope you have a chillaxin holiday! thank goodness 2008 is almost over. xxx

ERItheMERMAID said...

happy belated new years. lets find a little more happiness this year. cheers! xxx

ellen said...

The music on your blog makes eatmywoes dangerous at work!

tawny. said...

december 19?

you haven't blogged since last year.

why haven't you blogged yet this year?

what's going on?

what happened to your new years resolution to blog more? i know it was one of your resolutions. it was. i know.

two months. save your pennies.
see you soon!

Sungjin Choi's BLOG said...

matthew. i just realized that you still had a blog. how are things hanging in chitown? are we going to catch up one of these days or what??