Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Wild Card

Mi madre dearest teaches me the darndest life lessons in a grand way.

For instance, she reminds me today (after an intense prior conversation) not to live through the manipulation of emotions or by dependency on sympathy from others. She is so on point. I do not struggle more than others. We all struggle. I have so much to be thankful for. It seems weird now how I was willing to love a stranger but not my own mother. I was too afraid she might hate who I was inside. I thought I had to be who she wanted me to be in order for her to accept me. But I just had to be me.

I am blessed.

Also, Tawny says she loves Jesus. So does Ammiel. I think I should as well. Because I trust them. And also because I should take a gamble on those who do any and everything for me to be happy.

I mean love is a gamble.

But one that requires me to go all in.


AMMIEL said...



so good

tawny. said...


did you really write this?
its soo deep.
this is a new side to you.
i want to hear more.

ERItheMERMAID said...

i know we all struggle but i like to be selfish and think im drowning alone sometimes. sometimes.

what re you planning to take? like the business aspect? or the making of it. parsons has AAS programs -i think its 2 years. i know FIT has good menswear classes in the summer. FIT is cheaper too.

im sad we couldnt meet in real life. some day.


[dp] said...

hey man...

i had no idea that you were in that shoot... i remember it went something like this Black guy in the front... spanish guy and asian girl in front somewhat our of focus, and 3 whiteys in the background completely blown out. thats andrews and our diversity.. haha...

yes i was in class thursday for the test... i must have skipped alot because there were a few probelms i had never saw before. i gotta get a real good grade on the last test.

anna park is your sister? i shot her once awhile ago... i have her pic on myspace... she looks real good.

karen said...

awww'll always be matthew park to me! we're 6th grade buddies and i love you too matchew, you know like a brother, for just the way you are. no one else could even try to closely resemble matthew park. nope! you're the one and only!