Sunday, April 13, 2008

An Ellen-filled Sabbath

With the opportunity to visit a historical site and turn in a signed brochure instead of writing a paper, I drove up to Battle Creek, Michigan to visit the Historical Adventist Village.

Did you know Dr. Kellogg (yes, readers, the cereal-maven) wore primarily white colors after discovering through research that plants covered in white cloths grew faster and healthier than those with others colors (and even compared to those without)?

And did you know Ellen G. White was 5
2” and under 100 lbs.?

Let me tell you: b*tch needed meat in her diet.


I arrived at the location a little late but joined up with Jason and Mateja—which was a relief since the abbreviated tour on my end (the last stretch of theirs) seemed to last a really long time.

Afterwards, the senior-class-trip crew (plus Beatrice) came over to eat potato casserole and Andes mint chocolate muffins à la mode and watch a slideshow from the road trip.

I think I might cry in the summer when all my friends are far away.

But an unexpected text message from Nadine helps me realize that the future is not so grim with a sapphire engagement ring-clad Ellen in the (not-so-distant, much-much closer) horizon.


s a better version of my PUNKD convo with Andrew: HERE.


fustican said...

yeah, I picked up a new roommate within a couple weeks of posting that stuff.

got picked up by AU, eh? good times -- you'll be around to see the new entrance completed.

good luck with the housing stuff -- there are some good deals around, but make sure you get what you want in terms of privacy, sound insulation, parking space, laundry facilities, etc... a little good planning goes a long way.

NegraFlaca said...

The future is even brighter cause JAEL will be in BS graduation weekend. Although, she is currently low carb therefore angry at the world.

ps. I started 100 years of solidude-- I'm eating words with my eyes. yum!

Sungjin Choi's BLOG said...

dude. chicago is so far. although i have never been. quite possible in the future.

karen said...

so matthew, if you want to continue your abbreviated tour, then you'd love to come with me to Battle Creek tomorrow? you can tour the academy too! comes with pizza! please?!

ellen said...

i just found EMW. i'm happy for play time. you rock.