Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Life objective

I tend to appeal more from passion than principle.

This can be problematic.

I do not want to be a decorator.

I want to be a thinker
—a designer.
  • To be creative—but not an artist.
  • To make a difference.
  • To facilitate change.
  • To help define the aesthetic of a moment (values included).
  • To be intentional.
  • To be my own worst critic.
  • To be meaningful.
  • To be responsible.
  • To like something.
  • To be courageous.
  • To be clever. be continued.


karen said...

amen...i agree

Sungjin Choi's BLOG said...

does this mean that you're not doing theology like i tried talking you out of so many years ago?

i do not have a gf yet so there is still time before you can meet her hahaha

and did you write your paper yet? you should talk about how we half built a church and our lost camera adventure :)

Sarah Jane said...

I love it. Smart boy! Umm so I want to be all of these things too...does this make me a copy cat?? I'd be okay with that.

NegraFlaca said...

Dear Kettle,

You need to update your blog



Sarah Jane said...

I will be back the week of the 19th...and thus forever and ever after that....! So you like my blogger page....It DID NOT COME EASY....but patience pays off. I love your fun! Talk soon/slouch less!