Monday, October 27, 2008

Upgrade update...


There once was a boy who was abandoned.
There once was a boy who was abandoned by she-who-must-not-be-named.

However, this mysterious she left behind a mysterious box.
And within said mysterious box were gifts abound.

And his pain was eased.
And his heart was ceased.


Clockwise from bottom left: candied/dried cantaloupe, thank you card, box, spaghetti cooker thinger/strainer thinger/kitchen utensil holder thinger, can opener, pot, chocolate covered sunflower seeds, massive big o’ thing of olive oil

But his heart still ached often so...

However, all was not lost for this mysterious she taught him how to make spa-ghet-ti (that rhymed!).

But he got creative. Observe:

Ingredients: Piccolini mini farfalle, garlic salt, pepper, dried basil, basil-basil (aka, Martha) olive oil, grape tomatoes, feta cheese

In order to squelch pain forevermore, he replaced her with another he:

A boy that knew how to feed, for eating was his destiny.

And so concludes the saga of the TAWN-TAWN-Y-Y-Y upgrade!



In other news, Nunz was here this weekend. I think I got whatever Ammiel has/had, because my throat hurts.

Push Pops are genius. Dirty.

I should have bought that hat from New York on our road trip! The way her dreads meld together reminds me of Diane Pernet.

Nunz at Caffe Tosi

I scream for ice cream.

I probably got AmmiLOVE-cooties from this pumpkin deliciousness.

It hailed today.
It snowed today.
What will tomorrow bring?

I need me some gloves.



karen said...

another weekend at tosi's huh? i'm a little jealous for some of that pumpkin goodness and whatever mini-farfalle you made for pat! why didn't you make some of that when i was there? i love basil in everything matthew! well not in everything...not in dessert, but everything pasta-ish, yes.

tawny. said...

i love it.

cept i still think its messed up that u always feel the need to fire me, replace me or upgrade me.

parks, u must learn that i cannot be replaced. i, tawny, am irreplaceable.

that u must accept. why can't we just be friends.

i'm glad to see that you're cooking! its nice to see that you and pat haven't starved to death as of yet. remember to eat double portions from now on. as i'm sure you know, winter is here [well not here, its still 90 degrees every day in CA. but by here i mean BS] so that means that you need to start fattening up for those sunless, ice cold days.