Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Non sequitur

I like to drive fast.

But sometimes I like to drive real slow and stare off slightly to the right in a sleep-deprived stupor.

In both cases loud music is a must.

+ + + + +

A random international student with a heavy South African accent greets me today on campus. He proceeds to ask:

Are you a guy or a girl?

I laugh in response: a guy.

As if that gives him permission to clarify, he states:

You dress like a girl.

+ + + + +

I told myself not to eat if not hungry.

Weird (or not so much) that I am scarfing down:

cassava cake
cassava cake
cassava cake
more leftover cassava cake

garlic bread


tawny. said...

lol. matthew i don't think you dress like a girl.

i do think that you need to share some of that cassava cake.

AMMIEL said...

oh, matthew.

Tommy said...

I know how to slash tires and i've never had this cake! Please son, your wear is suh-weet!Shake the dust! :D

NegraFlaca said...

In all seriocity, I went through a phase last week and decided to binge and purge, but only until my friend's wedding in october. I discovered that I can binge, but I can't purge. ain't that a bitch.

ERItheMERMAID said...

step 1 make sure it's night time, and there's like no body on the freeway
step 2 put the heater on full blast
step 3 roll down your windows,all the way down
step 4 music, maximum
step 5 drive beyond speedlimit