Sunday, September 7, 2008


Good morning, Tawny!

Hello, readers/friends/stalkers, etc.

Friday, I turned the big two-four.

We ate at Clementine’s (literally, for a meal o
fun. It was a pleasant surprise since I was telling Tawny earlier that day (yes, Tawny, I did make some specifications even though I took a-day-plus-forever to make other, ahem, decisions) that I just wanted a simple, daresay distilled, grub session with her, Irvin and Anna. But no complaints on this end; I was/am-still a happy camper.

Even though I showed up slightly late to my own part-ay (had a prior Chase bank appointment to open up a new account), time waiting was time well spent since I was able to download the MySpace app and figure out how to send Nunz a reply comment via said medium right as Pat and company strolled in to the location.

Speaking of iPhone apps (and serendipitous symbiance), Mello dearest sends me a message in perfect sync with the complete consumption of my on-the-house birthday treat à la mode. Tawny is right. You were there in spirit. How did you know? But then again, I mean, how can anyone not know? For more pictures of said event, go here.

Also, I came back to my apartment where Anna left me a genius card (a staple I have now come to expect and truly anticipate), a gift (I went from zero iPods to three) and a custom baked birthday cake. Ace of Cake, my arse! I choose A-Anna over A-Ace any (birth)day, for sure.

In other news, Tawny, Irvin, Andrew and I went peach pickin
Saturday afternoon. I guess it was more like Tawny, Irvin and Andrew went to gather fruits while I popped them in my mouth. It was delicious, I assure you, but not the plums. Also, the clouds were pretty. Again, check the Tawn-tawn MySpace for a picture or few.

Alright, it is time to slumber. Being a working man has its downfalls; it has me retreat earl(y/ier).

Or maybe it is just the age.


The fruit pickin
photos are here (as per usual).



ERItheMERMAID said...

oh my goodness! imissed your birthday!! happy belated one, i hope it was swell :) i wouldve put some gloomy bears with strawberry jam (for blood) on your birthday cake. xxx

ozzyboy said...

i'm kind of glad you didn't pick any. the fruit is much tastier if it hasn't been touched by matt.

Tommy said...

Oh matthew, i miss you and not calling you by your french name :D Happy happy birthday! And i think its just swell that you are wearing the same shirt we all wore on Tawnys birthday :D wink wink. Been to Seattle before? nudge nudge. Will you be around lets say end of december beginning of january? cuz i will!