Friday, April 4, 2008

Me likey...

My current pleasantries (in response to Tommy’s tag):

  • Meeting new creative people through non-traditional means (loafer-envy over birthday cake à la mode, for starters…)
  • Video conferencing with my Canadian boss on iChat (sir Justin is not a cheap-o!)
  • Critiquing everything with Tawny (my eyes are becoming more and more like hers…)
  • SENCHA Green Tea Mints
  • Ammiel and her stylin’ ways (who else would walk around LOWES in heels?)
  • How Ammiel calls her sandwich a ‘sammy’
  • Diluting my juice with water (baby Ella style!)
  • Mixing my ketchup with Sriracha (that is, rooster) sauce for dipping purposes
  • Chocolate Silk Soymilk
  • Guilt pleasures: the most current being Lipstick Jungle. I love forbidden love
  • which brings me to my next pleasantry: Melanie Calla Lohan! (I kid, I kid!)
  • Fat versions of hot beverages with whipped cream
  • Grenadine
  • Late night Imaging Services parties with the one and only not-MANipulator, aka Tawny!
  • Traveling gnomes and not-Polaroid instamatics
  • Saturated images
  • Hard line and figure drawings
  • Sleep

Ennui is a funny word.

&tc. (and not etc.)


Tommy said...

I get the singles of Silk Chocolate Milk at apple valley! :D You should reconsider the kicks just in case, i'll bring them in!

jamila said...
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jamila said...

ow. talk about ballers on a budget. kicks and silk singles. i love.

hi matthew. you don't know me but you'll appreciate me by default. i'm a love o jael's and nunz'.

aight i was jut checking out the things i like list.