Monday, November 10, 2008

Everything sounds better in...

I haven’t blogged in ages, I know.

I need more than encouragement or incentive. Purpose perhaps and more.

This reminded me of Tommy.


tawny. said...

everything does sound better.

always sucks to be allergic to magic and then end up with the chicken-box.

Jaesthetics. said...


NegraFlaca said...

our swirlies can look like Obama!

Tommy said...

OH MY! This is so Tremendous! EVERYTHING including your name sounds better in French! HA! I said it!

SNOW? YIKES! what am i coming back to? Good times with you that's what BAM! Dlish! Do you have my digits? or my email? cuz you could always give me a shout thru that! :D

miss you!