Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Kid from KAWSnecticut


tawny. said...

i love.

why did u make it so on your Roar i can't leave comments. were u afraid that the comment i would be too heartwarming and you would start crying?

i wanna go. ny. i'm coming!!

Sungjin Choi's BLOG said...

if you ever owed forever gratitude to intelligent handsome men, would i be one of them? :)

no pressure.

but seriously.

ERItheMERMAID said...

i also didnt realize how much i cherish your comments and visits to my page. i hope your post college life is swell =)

tawny. said...

go here and then watch all the videos.

you'll find them on various pages. make sure you watch all of them. then take notes. and learn.

then...move to california...and we'll start our own.
but better. i mean we already have the talent and the business plan and god on our side. what else do we need? seriously.

watch. and become inspired. then act on that inspiration.

do. now. peace.