Monday, May 12, 2008


Dear readers,

WE ARE currently looking to fill the position of Best Friend Forever (BFF) as the former BFF turned out to be a Best Friend not-Forever (henceforth not-BFF) deciding upon graduating college to move back home to sunny CaliFORNICATION.

You must be Photoshop literate and have excellent photography/marketing skills. This position also requires that you have genius cooking abilities (a chef par excellence) and enjoy watching HEROES on Mondays.

Please fax your curriculum vitae, references and any other relevant documents to: 269-471-XXXX or mail:

Matthew Park
XXXX Rose Hill Rd.
Apt. PXX
Berrien Springs, MI 49103-1292

ATTN: BFF for Matthew.

Serious inquiries only. Skinnies need not apply.
Shawnimals lover a must.


Laurence Asuncion said...

Matthew, I have a bunch of pictures of you from graduation and I'm too lazy to track you down and give them to you in person so I think I'll just send a link!
(Just click on "All Sizes" to get the full copy)

I don't think I'm eligible for the position of BFF. For one thing, I have never seen an episode of Heroes in my life. Is it good?

tawny. said...

oh no no no.

who do you think you are?! you can't just fire me without saying anything to me first!

at the same time i'm honored to think that i would be considered a best friend forever. be careful, mello might get jealous.

matthew. think about the cul de sac thing. it'll be amazing. seriously. =]

i'm pretty sure you'll never find someone with the right qualifications for this. i'm irreplaceable!

AMMIEL said...

i'll be tawnya lipoon's replacement...

only if you feed me though

heh heh heh

Sarah Jane said...

Okay so skip the photoshop mumbo jumbo....I am all about the food and HEROS (as you well know) can't I just get the job because I am cute? Lol....actually maybe it shouldn't be about replacing your home slice as it should be about Anyways....just a thought...see you at work tomorrow.

PS how do I make my page play music?

karen said...

obviously i'll never BE tawny, however i do qualify for all the above: Photoshop, photography, and you know i can market and cook, but as for the Heroes...hmmm, i guess i don't have that to offer. but i will invite myself over! thanks!