Friday, August 1, 2008


I lied.

I feel (a) intrigued and (d) excited. Awesome.

Yesterday, I had a chance to practice being happy for happiness sake.

Today I realize I am happy. People make me happy. But I am not happy because of people.

That is my difference from yesterday and today.

And it is (not was) good.


I theorize that we attend school for nine consecutive month (in America anyway) then go on vacation, because we were structured that way from the very beginning: nine months in the womb—then birth (a similar concept to that which Burroughs writes of in Dry).

Life is a party, no?

Except I was born in six.

So my cycle repeats more frequently.

Please don’t hold it against me.

In other news, I am:

(a) intrigued
(b) concerned
(d) excited
(e) none of the above all of the above

Waiting takes patience, a virtue I hear.


tiffany said...

today i realized that i never have to go back to school... that in just about a month the summer ends and i don't have to wake up and sit through classes - i can't tell if i'm happy or not.

karen said...

matts, were you really born in 6 months?