Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Domo-TAWN (どーもくん)

Your turn.


tawny. said...


this is not wat i meant by you needing to blog. wat in the world is this? i don't think anyone is even interested in seeing this...although that outfit in the lower left hand corner is amazing. i think i'm gonna make one. you can borrow it.

so i knoe wat my next post is going to be about. i am going to use material that was found in a certain link that was sent my way this week. you can jus think about that one for awhile. and while ur thinking you should be afraid...very afraid. [or maybe jus a little].


jannec said...

hi hi!
you are the single person that comments on my blog and i love it!

peaz out yo~

jannec said...

OH yea where did u get that dancing teddy bear?? so cool~ i want music too!