Thursday, January 29, 2009

Non sequitur


willam said...

that fur coat is to die for! seriously...things died. lol.
but we top of the food chain baby!
thanks for reading me. how'd you find me?

tawny. said...

one entry does not mean that you've started blogging again.

i think you're showing the world a side of me that is not supposed to be plastered all over the internet.

and why did you post that photo with my name. now it seems like thats the photo i chose to have pop up when i call. no one will know that really its the photo that pops up when everyone calls. not just me. i'm not a half naked smoker. really everyone who calls you is.

nice photos.
its like you save up all your blog entries for a whole month and do them at once. good job. you've found the perfect way to be a lazy blogger. suits you nicely. i knew you would find a way one day.

TIP TOP said...

oh shoot, tawny is harsh! tough love. it's good for you ;)

i made it into your blog! woohoo!

miss you matthew park.

karen said...

matts, where in the world did you unearth that fur coat? you look like such a gangster ; ) miss you!

tawny. said...

i guess i do sound a little harsh.

it wasn't meant to be. it just came out that way. sometimes i just type without thinking.

but then again it is true.
tough love is good.

Sarah Jane said...

Digging on the fur. However it is June...ish. You kinda look like you were eaten by a bear or four. It has been a while Park. Hope all is well!!