Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Wild Card

Mi madre dearest teaches me the darndest life lessons in a grand way.

For instance, she reminds me today (after an intense prior conversation) not to live through the manipulation of emotions or by dependency on sympathy from others. She is so on point. I do not struggle more than others. We all struggle. I have so much to be thankful for. It seems weird now how I was willing to love a stranger but not my own mother. I was too afraid she might hate who I was inside. I thought I had to be who she wanted me to be in order for her to accept me. But I just had to be me.

I am blessed.

Also, Tawny says she loves Jesus. So does Ammiel. I think I should as well. Because I trust them. And also because I should take a gamble on those who do any and everything for me to be happy.

I mean love is a gamble.

But one that requires me to go all in.

Friday, March 7, 2008

LetTUCE eat?

I have funny friends. They think I put any and everything into my mouth for comer-purposes.

Let me introduce you to my eating buddy Tawny. She eats while at Dustin's gallery opening (for starters)...

MeLOWES isn't eating is she? But not my favorite Tawn-tawn...

Tawny takes a bite out of CantaLUPE-Fiasco. Juicy.

Is that Tawny-I-have-no-pores-Alipoon eating pineapples?


I'm off to get a snack...

Thursday, March 6, 2008


Andrew (4:16:58 PM): Good day to you, sir.
AM (4:17:05 PM): How are you this afternoon?
Me (4:17:49 PM): angry
AM (4:18:04 PM): I am sorry. Did I make you mad?
MP(4:18:56 PM): no
AM (4:19:32 PM): That is good to hear.
AM (4:19:37 PM): So why are you angry?
MP (4:19:38 PM): why the f are you formal
MP (4:19:44 PM): the f
MP (4:19:47 PM): f f f!
MP (4:19:51 PM): that's what ammiel says
MP (4:19:54 PM): i learned from her
MP (4:20:04 PM): it's creepy
AM (4:20:07 PM): Who is this person?
AM (4:20:16 PM): Is she a friend of yours?
MP (4:20:17 PM): like you're a sixty year old man that wants to get into my pants or something
AM (4:20:37 PM): LOL
AM (4:20:54 PM): How did you know that I am really Andrew's boss pretending to be him on his computer?
MP (4:20:54 PM): what in the world?
MP (4:21:00 PM): you're andrews boss?
MP (4:21:02 PM): cool!
MP (4:21:03 PM): hello!
MP (4:21:04 PM): hire me
MP (4:21:06 PM): hire me please
MP (4:21:08 PM): i need a job
AM (4:21:23 PM): Do you have a portfolio?
MP (4:21:30 PM): haha
MP (4:21:33 PM): i'll work on it
AM (4:21:49 PM): Let me know when it is finished.
MP (4:21:57 PM): [deleted link]
MP (4:22:01 PM): are you andrew?
MP (4:22:03 PM): i'm going to call you
AM (4:22:06 PM): Then maybe I can hire you and get my 60-year-old self in your pants.
MP (4:22:14 PM): you better not being pooing or something
MP (4:22:19 PM): and on your air in the stall
MP (4:22:22 PM): cool
MP (4:22:44 PM): i'm all about climbing the ladder via sleeping the boss
MP (4:22:48 PM): just messing
MP (4:22:49 PM): andrew
MP (4:22:53 PM): no?
MP (4:22:55 PM): andrew's boss?
MP (4:22:57 PM): i'm scared
MP (4:25:37 PM): oh my goodness
MP (4:25:41 PM): you really are andrew's boss
MP (4:26:08 PM): have a great day
MP (4:26:12 PM): give andrew a fat raise
MP (4:26:15 PM): so he can buy me toys
AM (4:26:41 PM): I wish I could give him a fat raise.
AM (4:26:48 PM): But all the money goes to me.
MP (4:27:00 PM): didn't your mom tell you to share?
MP (4:27:08 PM): share the wealth, the saying goes
MP (4:27:23 PM): it'll make you happier
MP (4:27:35 PM): and inadvertently me as well
AM (4:27:42 PM): I never knew my mom.
MP (4:27:49 PM): i'm sorry
MP (4:27:52 PM): you can have mine
AM (4:28:13 PM): It's okay. My Dad says she was a jerk anyways.
MP (4:28:31 PM): it's because she broke your dad's heart
MP (4:28:37 PM): but truth be told, he doesn't think she's a jerk
MP (4:28:43 PM): he's just protecting his feelings
MP (4:28:59 PM): and trying to be macho for his son
MP (4:29:01 PM): you
MP (4:29:05 PM): mr. boss man
AM (4:30:07 PM): I'm looking at your portfolio right now.
AM (4:30:16 PM): Didn't Andrew do that Yearbook?
MP (4:30:19 PM): it was eons ago
MP (4:30:23 PM): he did
MP (4:30:34 PM): he was the editor for other years before
MP (4:30:45 PM): that yearbook he designed
MP (4:30:57 PM): and girl named rebecca and i were co-editors that year
AM (4:31:27 PM): He said he did it all himself.
MP (4:31:32 PM): he did
AM (4:31:35 PM): He must have lied on his resume.
MP (4:31:36 PM): for his own yearbooks
MP (4:31:38 PM): he didn't
MP (4:31:46 PM): i was his semi-slave
AM (4:31:54 PM): I'm going to have to review his resume to check.
MP (4:32:03 PM): no he's truthful
MP (4:32:21 PM): you have to trust your employees
AM (4:32:24 PM): I'm sure you're just covering for him.
MP (4:32:27 PM): haha
MP (4:32:29 PM): check it
MP (4:32:37 PM): then give him a fat raise
AM (4:32:54 PM): We need to do a pay cut to some employees.
MP (4:32:56 PM): or a part of your monies
MP (4:32:58 PM): oh no
MP (4:33:01 PM): that's sad
AM (4:33:03 PM): Maybe this will give me an excuse to do it to him.
MP (4:33:07 PM): that's sad
AM (4:33:10 PM): Thanks for the info.
MP (4:33:13 PM): wow
MP (4:33:21 PM): oh lord
AM (4:33:35 PM): Don't worry, I won't tell him it was you who told me.
MP (4:33:41 PM): i'll tell him
MP (4:33:49 PM): then he'll know he'll have nothing to hide
MP (4:34:10 PM): you're a scary boss
MP (4:34:11 PM): so covert
MP (4:34:16 PM): and sneaky
MP (4:34:20 PM): pretending to be your employees
AM (4:34:20 PM): I think Andrew is back.
MP (4:34:23 PM): ahhh!
MP (4:34:24 PM): awesome
AM (4:34:28 PM): Don't tell him I was talking to you.
MP (4:34:30 PM): give him a thumbs up
MP (4:34:32 PM): i already did
MP (4:34:33 PM): peace yo
MP (4:34:35 PM): work hard
AM signed off at 4:34:37 PM.
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