Thursday, March 6, 2008


Andrew (4:16:58 PM): Good day to you, sir.
AM (4:17:05 PM): How are you this afternoon?
Me (4:17:49 PM): angry
AM (4:18:04 PM): I am sorry. Did I make you mad?
MP(4:18:56 PM): no
AM (4:19:32 PM): That is good to hear.
AM (4:19:37 PM): So why are you angry?
MP (4:19:38 PM): why the f are you formal
MP (4:19:44 PM): the f
MP (4:19:47 PM): f f f!
MP (4:19:51 PM): that's what ammiel says
MP (4:19:54 PM): i learned from her
MP (4:20:04 PM): it's creepy
AM (4:20:07 PM): Who is this person?
AM (4:20:16 PM): Is she a friend of yours?
MP (4:20:17 PM): like you're a sixty year old man that wants to get into my pants or something
AM (4:20:37 PM): LOL
AM (4:20:54 PM): How did you know that I am really Andrew's boss pretending to be him on his computer?
MP (4:20:54 PM): what in the world?
MP (4:21:00 PM): you're andrews boss?
MP (4:21:02 PM): cool!
MP (4:21:03 PM): hello!
MP (4:21:04 PM): hire me
MP (4:21:06 PM): hire me please
MP (4:21:08 PM): i need a job
AM (4:21:23 PM): Do you have a portfolio?
MP (4:21:30 PM): haha
MP (4:21:33 PM): i'll work on it
AM (4:21:49 PM): Let me know when it is finished.
MP (4:21:57 PM): [deleted link]
MP (4:22:01 PM): are you andrew?
MP (4:22:03 PM): i'm going to call you
AM (4:22:06 PM): Then maybe I can hire you and get my 60-year-old self in your pants.
MP (4:22:14 PM): you better not being pooing or something
MP (4:22:19 PM): and on your air in the stall
MP (4:22:22 PM): cool
MP (4:22:44 PM): i'm all about climbing the ladder via sleeping the boss
MP (4:22:48 PM): just messing
MP (4:22:49 PM): andrew
MP (4:22:53 PM): no?
MP (4:22:55 PM): andrew's boss?
MP (4:22:57 PM): i'm scared
MP (4:25:37 PM): oh my goodness
MP (4:25:41 PM): you really are andrew's boss
MP (4:26:08 PM): have a great day
MP (4:26:12 PM): give andrew a fat raise
MP (4:26:15 PM): so he can buy me toys
AM (4:26:41 PM): I wish I could give him a fat raise.
AM (4:26:48 PM): But all the money goes to me.
MP (4:27:00 PM): didn't your mom tell you to share?
MP (4:27:08 PM): share the wealth, the saying goes
MP (4:27:23 PM): it'll make you happier
MP (4:27:35 PM): and inadvertently me as well
AM (4:27:42 PM): I never knew my mom.
MP (4:27:49 PM): i'm sorry
MP (4:27:52 PM): you can have mine
AM (4:28:13 PM): It's okay. My Dad says she was a jerk anyways.
MP (4:28:31 PM): it's because she broke your dad's heart
MP (4:28:37 PM): but truth be told, he doesn't think she's a jerk
MP (4:28:43 PM): he's just protecting his feelings
MP (4:28:59 PM): and trying to be macho for his son
MP (4:29:01 PM): you
MP (4:29:05 PM): mr. boss man
AM (4:30:07 PM): I'm looking at your portfolio right now.
AM (4:30:16 PM): Didn't Andrew do that Yearbook?
MP (4:30:19 PM): it was eons ago
MP (4:30:23 PM): he did
MP (4:30:34 PM): he was the editor for other years before
MP (4:30:45 PM): that yearbook he designed
MP (4:30:57 PM): and girl named rebecca and i were co-editors that year
AM (4:31:27 PM): He said he did it all himself.
MP (4:31:32 PM): he did
AM (4:31:35 PM): He must have lied on his resume.
MP (4:31:36 PM): for his own yearbooks
MP (4:31:38 PM): he didn't
MP (4:31:46 PM): i was his semi-slave
AM (4:31:54 PM): I'm going to have to review his resume to check.
MP (4:32:03 PM): no he's truthful
MP (4:32:21 PM): you have to trust your employees
AM (4:32:24 PM): I'm sure you're just covering for him.
MP (4:32:27 PM): haha
MP (4:32:29 PM): check it
MP (4:32:37 PM): then give him a fat raise
AM (4:32:54 PM): We need to do a pay cut to some employees.
MP (4:32:56 PM): or a part of your monies
MP (4:32:58 PM): oh no
MP (4:33:01 PM): that's sad
AM (4:33:03 PM): Maybe this will give me an excuse to do it to him.
MP (4:33:07 PM): that's sad
AM (4:33:10 PM): Thanks for the info.
MP (4:33:13 PM): wow
MP (4:33:21 PM): oh lord
AM (4:33:35 PM): Don't worry, I won't tell him it was you who told me.
MP (4:33:41 PM): i'll tell him
MP (4:33:49 PM): then he'll know he'll have nothing to hide
MP (4:34:10 PM): you're a scary boss
MP (4:34:11 PM): so covert
MP (4:34:16 PM): and sneaky
MP (4:34:20 PM): pretending to be your employees
AM (4:34:20 PM): I think Andrew is back.
MP (4:34:23 PM): ahhh!
MP (4:34:24 PM): awesome
AM (4:34:28 PM): Don't tell him I was talking to you.
MP (4:34:30 PM): give him a thumbs up
MP (4:34:32 PM): i already did
MP (4:34:33 PM): peace yo
MP (4:34:35 PM): work hard
AM signed off at 4:34:37 PM.
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