Sunday, February 24, 2008

Et tu, not-Brute—but Ben not-Child (but anime)?

Takashi Murakami vs. James Jean—Louis Vuitton vs. Prada

Superflat Monogram by Takashi Murakami

Style frame by James Jean

For the complete short film advertising the new Prada line, visit the Prada web site at then click on TREMBLED BLOSSOMS.


NegraFlaca said...

hey! that was as a Clinical Research Assistant at the Miriam Hospital and Brown Medical School

tawny. said...

its extra cute!
mello said its a party in his belly like a party in your head.
and theres a little bit of gossip girl thrown in too...haha

karen said...

i want to watch this but bushie would beat me if she heard me doing something other than the paper i'm so avoiding. remind me later at work ok?

btw, i tagged you and tawny to reveal your bags remember?

ERItheMERMAID said...

which one do you like more?