Monday, September 15, 2008

Reason Why BFFs Are Irreplaceable #586

The last time I had huevos rancheros was when Nadine made them for me as a farewell breakfast before I left for Greece, just last summer. I took this picture to show Tawny then promptly dropped my 3G in it.

Speaking of eats and Tawny (seriously, are they ever two distinct and separate entities?), I got back from Chicago with Karen a few hours ago and just now saw this brilliance posted on my bathroom mirror:


chew chew,

theres potato casserole in the fridge
and 2 slices of peach if ur hungry



This week is off to a good start. I can taste it.

Sunday, September 7, 2008


Good morning, Tawny!

Hello, readers/friends/stalkers, etc.

Friday, I turned the big two-four.

We ate at Clementine’s (literally, for a meal o
fun. It was a pleasant surprise since I was telling Tawny earlier that day (yes, Tawny, I did make some specifications even though I took a-day-plus-forever to make other, ahem, decisions) that I just wanted a simple, daresay distilled, grub session with her, Irvin and Anna. But no complaints on this end; I was/am-still a happy camper.

Even though I showed up slightly late to my own part-ay (had a prior Chase bank appointment to open up a new account), time waiting was time well spent since I was able to download the MySpace app and figure out how to send Nunz a reply comment via said medium right as Pat and company strolled in to the location.

Speaking of iPhone apps (and serendipitous symbiance), Mello dearest sends me a message in perfect sync with the complete consumption of my on-the-house birthday treat à la mode. Tawny is right. You were there in spirit. How did you know? But then again, I mean, how can anyone not know? For more pictures of said event, go here.

Also, I came back to my apartment where Anna left me a genius card (a staple I have now come to expect and truly anticipate), a gift (I went from zero iPods to three) and a custom baked birthday cake. Ace of Cake, my arse! I choose A-Anna over A-Ace any (birth)day, for sure.

In other news, Tawny, Irvin, Andrew and I went peach pickin
Saturday afternoon. I guess it was more like Tawny, Irvin and Andrew went to gather fruits while I popped them in my mouth. It was delicious, I assure you, but not the plums. Also, the clouds were pretty. Again, check the Tawn-tawn MySpace for a picture or few.

Alright, it is time to slumber. Being a working man has its downfalls; it has me retreat earl(y/ier).

Or maybe it is just the age.


The fruit pickin
photos are here (as per usual).